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Why Paragon Group? 

Ask any professional who has ever been out of work or is looking for new opportunities, and they’ll tell you that finding a new job opportunity isn’t exactly a piece of cake. It can be overwhelming and frustrating, especially if you’ve been looking for a while. Working with the assistance of Paragon Group drastically reduces the pressure and keeps the process moving forward.

Finding the right opportunity is about more than checking off requirements on a job posting. Paragon Group gets to know your skills, personality and goals so we can help put you in a job where you will excel. Our candidate resources give you tips on resumes, interviews and more so you can find your ideal position in your niche in the energy industry.

Paragon Group partners with employers within the Energy and Power industries across many major U.S. markets, each with a vast selection of career opportunities. Our network of clients is continuously expanding to include new locations and positions.

We establish long-term relationships with each of our candidates, true partnerships built on mutual trust. If there is not a suitable position available in the short-term, we continue to consider your unique skills when new opportunities become available.

Our business philosophy is grounded in “putting people first”.  We have a personal approach with our candidates and take the time to get to know who you are and act as your personal Search Consultant. We will strategize and identify potential areas for development and offer tips that you can incorporate in the business world to keep you competitive.

At the Paragon Group we specialize in uncovering opportunities for qualified job seekers in the “hidden job market”. That’s because not all opportunities are advertised through traditional avenues such as online job postings.  In some instances, companies conduct a more subtle search through the use of a specialized recruiting firm. Companies typically do this for three reasons: one, to cut down on the number of unqualified applicants who express interest in the position; two, to find more targeted candidates who meet the qualifications of the position; and three, to engage and hire those candidate more quickly.  By partnering with us, you stand a better chance of accessing this “hidden job market” and finding the perfect opportunity to advance your career.

As a trusted advisor to some of the world’s top Energy companies, our recruitment strategy is based on the simple principal of matching the best people with the right position. If you are searching for a challenging new position, we can help.  Start by registering with us – it only takes a few minutes – then submit your resume and let us know your skills, preferences and needs. This will provide us with basic information on your background and interests, helping us understand how we can best work with you.

The Paragon Difference 

You want a recruiter who treats your career like it was their own. You want a recruiter who is knowledgeable in your field, a specialist, who knows the companies and opportunities to make the right fit for your personal career goals. You want honesty, trust, a consultant, a confidante, and someone who is responsive to your needs. Those are the qualities we hire for, train for, and expect from our team. We understand that it isn’t just a job to you, it’s your life and career, and our commitment to you demonstrates that understanding. We get your career search access to company decision-makers, assist with compensation negotiations, prepare you for interviews, provide feedback on the status of activity, and do so with a firm commitment to maintaining your confidentiality. Our services, of course, come at no charge to you or obligation, the employer compensates us upon successful placement and employment. However we are empowered to provide the highest level of service when you communicate your needs, career goals, and expectations clearly and openly to create a true relationship with your recruiter.
What you can expect while working with Paragon Group:


ou will have access to multiple exclusive opportunities not always available through other sources.


our resume will never be submitted to a client company without your explicit permission to do so. Your resume is your property. We treat your search with the highest level of respect and confidentiality.


ou will receive coaching and representation through compensation package negotiation and resignation.


ou can continue working productively, protecting your career confidentiality while exploring opportunities.


ou will never a have any charge or obligation to length of employment for any position obtained through us.


ou will receive preparation for interviews, and you will receive feedback on results and progress. However be aware that not all firms are forthcoming with specifics on interview feedback, especially negative.


ou will have the status of being a recruited “passive” candidate who must be attracted to the job, since you are not an active job seeker.


ou will develop a conscious and realistic understanding of the variance between your current contribution today and how the contribution can immediately elevate both you and your new employer, based on proper employment positioning.


ou will understand the importance of being able to prove and/or demonstrate examples of your work that has led to an increase of revenue, decrease of costs or an increase in work flow to the department or the company as a whole. (Ask us about PAR)

Paragon Group International identified Cliff as a top candidate early in his career for the energy industry and ultimately developed a long-term business relationship with him. He has worked in the energy industry since 2000 developing energy specific derivatives models. He earned his Ph.D. from the Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University, and also earned an MBA with distinction from that same institution. Paragon Group recognized Cliff as an innovative professional and has placed him with two prominent organizations—first in 2000 and again in 2007.



Selected Completed Assignments

  • Technical Manager Wind Turbine (Western US)
  • Wind Power Developer (Midwest)
  • Wind Resource Analyst (Southern US)
  • Manager of Wind Power Development (Rocky Mountains)
  • EHS Manager- Wind (Rocky Mountains)
  • Manager Wind Power Origination (Canada)
  • Senior Wind Power Development (Eastern US)
  • Vice President of Transmission & Engineering (Midwest)
  • Utility Relations Manager (Midwest)
  • Manager, Permitting and Environmental Affairs (Midwest)
  • Senior Advisor, Renewable Energy (South Africa)
  • Senior Vice President Gas Marketing (Eastern US)
  • Vice President Sales & Marketing (Southern US)
  • Director Product Development (Southern US)
  • National Accounts Manager (Western US)
  • Senior Power Marketer (Eastern US)
  • Vice President Power Sales Origination (Midwest)
  • Manager Power Origination (Eastern US)
  • Sales Executive (Southern US)
  • Manager Power Marketing (Midwest)
  • Chief Financial Officer (Southern US)
  • Controller (Southern US)
  • Manager Accounting Crude Oil (Eastern US)
  • Senior Account Managers (Southern US)
  • Structuring Analyst (Midwest)
  • Senior Structuring Analyst (Southern US)
  • Manager Structuring (Southern US)
  • Director Operations (Southeast)
  • Energy Contract Administrator (Western US)
  • Manager Gas Settlements (Western US)
  • Financial Controller (Southern US)
  • Senior Accountant (Southern US)
  • Law Firm Partner (Western US)
  • FERC In-House Counsel (Western US)
  • Director of Legal Services (Eastern US)
  • General Counsel (Midwest)
  • Gas Settlement Analyst (Western US)
  • Director of Regulatory Affairs (Western US)
  • Of Counsel (Northeast US)
  • Regulatory Attorney (Southeastern US)
  • Senior Geologist (Midwest)
  • Sr. Business Valuation Analyst (Eastern US)>
  • Senior Business Valuation Analyst (Rocky Mountains)
  • Power Engineer (Eastern US)
  • Controls Engineer (Midwest)
  • Software Engineer (Western US)
  • Business System Engineer (Eastern US)
  • Energy Consultant (Eastern US)
  • Manager Gas Control (Southeast)
  • Director, Power Management (Northwestern US)
  • Director Transmission (Midwest)
  • Senior Mechanical Engineer (Southern US)
  • Supervisor Transmission Line Maintenance (Southern US)
  • Senior Regulatory Compliance Engineer (Southern US)
Risk Management
  • Vice President Risk Management (Eastern US)
  • Vice President Credit Risk (Southern US)
  • Vice President Risk Management (Midwest)
  • Senior Director of Credit & Market Risk Management (Western US)
  • Risk Control Supervisor (Retail) (Eastern US)
  • Manager Credit Risk (Southern US)
  • Manager Market Risk (Western US)
  • Enterprise Risk Analyst (Eastern US)
  • Risk Control Analyst (Southern US)
  • Risk Management Analyst (Eastern US)
  • Senior Compliance Officer (Southern US)
  • Trading Control Analyst (Midwest)
  • Director Corporate Market Risk (Midwest)
  • Director Quantitative Analysis (Midwest)
  • Director Quantitative Research (Southern US)
  • Director IT Risk Systems (Midwest)
  • Director Quantitative Analysis (Eastern US)
  • Lead Risk Management Analyst (Southern US)
  • Risk Control Analyst (Midwest)
  • Quantitative Analyst (Midwest)>
  • Senior Risk Management Analyst (Southern US)
  • Risk Research Analyst (Midwest)
  • Senior Quantitative Analyst (Eastern US)
  • Quantitative Strategist (Eastern US)
  • Senior Quantitative Analyst (Midwest)
  • Senior Quantitative Analyst (Eastern US)
  • Manager Quantitative Research (Southern US)
  • Manager Quantitative Research (Midwest)
  • Manager Fundamental Analysis (Southern US)
  • Manager Quantitative Research (Midwest)
  • Manager of Gas Structuring (Southern US)
  • Natural Gas Analyst (Southeast)
  • Manager, Structuring Analysis (Eastern US)
  • Senior Vice President of Trading (Eastern US)
  • Global Head of Crude Trading (Eastern US)
  • Vice President Power Trading (Eastern US)
  • Managing Director Energy Trading (Southern US)
  • Director Meteorology
  • Chief Meteorologist (Southern US)
  • Lead Meteorologist (Southern US)
  • Real Time Power Trader (Midwest)
  • Real Time Power Trader (Western US)
  • Senior Power Trader (Western US)
  • Senior Real-Time Trader (Eastern US)
  • Senior Power Trader (Western US)
  • Senior Power Trader (Western US)
  • Senior Real Time Power Trader (Western US)
  • Natural Gas Trader (Southern US)
  • Senior Gas Trader (Western US)
  • Gas Option Trader (Southern US)
  • Power Trader (Rocky Mountains)
  • Senior Gas Scheduler (Southeast)