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Director Power Supply

Job ID: 1032


The Manager of Power Supply is responsible for managing our client’s power supply portfolio including the development and assessment of power supply strategy and plans, evaluation and acquisition of power supply contracts, development and structuring of supply options, and administration and oversight of power supply contracts.


  • Ensure that the company has a cost effective, safe, adequate and reliable source of wholesale power that is in alignment with the firm’s Strategic Power Supply Plan
  • Develop and manage the power supply portfolio
  • Lead the execution of wholesale purchases and purchases of physical energy products to maintain a balanced energy portfolio
  • Coordinate quantitative analysis of the energy market to assess and forecast the electric power and fuels markets, prices, power plant operations and valuation, environmental emissions and compliance, transmission and regulatory effects
  • Develop strategies to optimize energy related products, energy supply contract administration, short and long-term strategies to meet the strategic plan
  • Develop and make recommendations for operational business opportunities and direction of the organization for short and long-range power supply plans
  • Advise executive management and Board of Directors on issues and updates regarding power supply and associated market factors
  • Conduct the technical analysis on the cost and market risk of different wholesale supply options including a diversity of contract lengths, suppliers and energy sources
  • Assess and manage risks associated with power supply
  • Develop and implement a company-wide distributed generation initiative to promote additional distributed generation
  • Develop and administer a renewable energy program, renewable distributed generation and other renewable purchases
  • Manage the Renewable Energy Credit portfolio
  • Develop trading strategies and execute trades with counterparties
  • Oversee contract execution and contract compliance
  • Develop and maintain strategic energy supplier relationships
  • Coordinate with power suppliers for daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal and annual energy procurement decisions and strategies
  • Identify, prioritize and communicate key energy issues and opportunities to provide the cooperative with a competitive cost advantage for the supply of energy products
  • Establish metrics and prepare monthly reports
  • Manage specific projects, and engage in other relevant duties as assigned by the VP, Power Supply and Energy Services
  • Implement corporate and departmental policies, procedures and service standards in conjunction with management
  • Develop and review operating procedures
  • Develop and manage department budget
  • Coordinate activities with other departments
  • Stay abreast of advances in technology


  • Bachelor’s Degree in a related field
  • Experience may substitute for education
  • Six years of related experience
  • Four years of supervisory experience
  • Knowledge of business and management principles including strategic planning, resource allocation, leadership techniques and budgeting
  • Knowledge of using computer systems, which may include setting up and using hardware and software programs, entering data or processing information
  • Knowledge of principles and processes for providing customer service
  • Knowledge of electricity, natural gas, transmission/distribution losses, & renewable energy credits
  • Knowledge of state and federal regulations affecting bulk power production and delivery
  • Knowledge of Risk Management and Analysis related to Power Supply
  • Knowledge of Wholesale Power Markets and the Retail Electric Market
  • Skilled in monitoring and managing performance
  • Skilled in establishing and communicating performance expectations and metrics
  • Skilled in time management
  • Skilled in prioritizing and managing changing priorities
  • Skilled in anticipating, identifying, analyzing and resolving conflict and problems
  • Skilled in evaluating complex issues and making decisions
  • Skilled in anticipating, identifying, analyzing and resolving conflicts and problems
  • Skilled in quantitative analysis and decision analysis
  • Ability to understand energy price drivers
  • Ability to work under tight deadlines
  • Ability to communicate effectively verbally and in writing
  • Ability to listen and understand information verbally and in writing