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Practice Areas

We specialize in specific niches to provide your search with the professionalism, insight, and working knowledge that comes with focus. We are dedicated to offering a personalized, customer focused, and straightforward approach. Paragon Group specialize in the following Practice Areas related to the Energy Industry, especially the Power sector:

  • Accounting
  • Asset Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Business Development
  • Consulting
  • Contract Administration
  • Credit Risk
  • Engineering
  • EPC
  • Finance
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Human Resources
  • Legal
  • Market Risk Analytics
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Operation
  • O&M
  • Origination
  • Plant Management
  • Procurement
  • Quantitative Analytics
  • Real-Time Operations
  • Regulatory
  • Risk Control
  • Risk Management
  • RTO
  • Settlements
  • Solar
  • Storage
  • Structuring
  • Substation Operation & Design
  • Trading
  • Transmission Planning
  • Transmission Operation
  • Wind

Why Paragon Group? 

Here’s an all too familiar scenario – there’s an opening at your office and you need to fill it, fast. The stress of one person trying to perform two jobs is taking its toll. You’ve made an effort to look at the pile of resumes on your desk but can’t seem to find enough quality time to carefully sift through them. You could go ahead, fill the position and end up with a potential second-rate candidate or you could call Paragon Group.

At Paragon Group we professionally handle all aspects of the search and evaluation process in locating top talent for leading companies within the energy industry, especially the power sector. Our thorough process, along with a growing network of contacts developed through daily communication with companies and “difference makers” in our specialized niches, allow us to successfully complete the most challenging of searches.

Paragon Group knows executive search. Over 18 years of experience allows us to cut through the clutter to find the energy professionals that have the right skills to fill your position. Our process is accurate, fast, and simple to work with. Talk with us about your staffing needs directly. Let us take the pressure off so you can focus on what you are best at; running your business.

The team at Paragon Group work in partnership with our clients on both a corporate and personal level, providing innovative solutions for your business-critical recruitment issues.

In the end, a professional recruiter is as good as the number of fully qualified candidates they deliver to the client. To do this, the recruiter needs to be good at selling candidates on the benefits of working for your firm. Needs to know how to overcome objections and turn negatives into positives. They need to offer solutions, work out compromises, and in the end- make the hire happen. At Paragon Group, our primary concern is producing results for you, our client.


The Paragon Difference

Niche expertise

Niche expertise allows us to understand our clients and the key players in each specific field of the energy industry. During our history, our success has been based upon discovering untapped talent in the energy business, and allowing our clients to see candidates they normally could not access on their own.


Since we can operate on a retained, engagement, or contingency basis, we can structure a search based on the needs of our clients and add flexibility to the search process. We are fully committed to providing our clients with high quality, differentiated executive search and advisory services.

Lengthy track record

Lengthy track record allows for successful “in, near and out of the box” recruiting strategies. Multitude of similar search engagements allowing for competitive benchmarking, comprehensive search knowledge, and swift delivery.

Team oriented

Team oriented flat hierarchy that ensures teamwork, quick flow of information, and rapid response time. Very little is achieved by working alone. Rather, real success comes from partnerships and collaboration.

Successful evaluation and screening

Successful evaluation and screening allows for both top notch “cultural fits” and matching of skills and experience. Our search consultants have the time and talent to help you find A-list players. The best part — it’s done on our clock, not yours.

Completed hundreds of search projects

Completed hundreds of search projects leading to extensive relationships and a large database across North America, and even Europe and Asia.

No search is straightforward and easy

No search is straightforward and easy. By partnering with our clients, we will identify the challenges, pinpoint their core business needs, guide the search process efficiently, and introduce long lasting quality talent. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide superior attention, accessibility, and advice regardless of the search assignment. We believe that every search engagement is a critical one, every client is of equal importance, and every candidate is treated with the respect they deserve.

Client Testimonials


Web_MG_8910BWMr. Dahl has been involved in professional recruiting since 1989 and in the energy business since early 1998.  Johan has successfully learned to deal with the full spectrum of recruiting and staffing issues present in today’s marketplace.  From 1997 to 2002 he worked at one of the largest and most acclaimed recruiting firms worldwide, Management Recruiters International (MRI).  Within two years Mr. Dahl was in the top 5% of producing search consultants with numerous large clients.  Before he left MRI Johan was ranked number eleven (11) among 5,100 professional recruiters worldwide.

In 2002 Mr. Dahl founded Paragon Group International in Sacramento, California.  In 2005 Johan moved his family and business to Austin, TX; the current location of the firm.

Mr. Dahl’s main responsibility is to provide leadership and vision for Paragon Group.  He has earned respect in the industry by managing executive search assignments with clients in energy, investment banking, and the emerging technology industry.  His trademark is a distinct relationship-oriented approach to cultivate clients by delivering open and candid communication to both clients and candidates.  Johan strives to establish meaningful, long-term, professional, and trust-based business relationships that create a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Johan is married, enjoys his two energetic children and is enthusiastic about transformational development, kayaking, fitness and sports.

Who we are

Hands and puzzle on gray background. Teamwork solving a puzzle

Who we are

Paragon Group International is an Executive and Key Employee search and recruiting firm established in 2002. Our experience in professional recruiting dates back to 1989. We deliver high performance talent to our clients today for their success tomorrow. The emphasis of our business is on Client Satisfaction and Career Enhancement. Our intention is always to become your partner in successfully attract the very best available talent to your firm. Our goal is to exceed your expectation in every aspect of the process including bringing you thoroughly pre-screened candidates. We apply industry specialized recruiting to find you even the most hidden talent. We have extensive experience in customize the approach to deliver proven results.

We deliver candidates which our clients hire in mostly permanent full time positions across the United States primarily in the Energy industry and the Investment Banking business. Most of our search assignments are mid to high level management opportunities along with key employee searches. We have experience with C-level searches and Paragon Group is also set up to provide contractors and consultants if the client so desire.

Our clients range from the small start-up and/or Pre-IPO companies to Fortune 500 firms in the Public and Private industry. We have access to a business network of a large number of established recruiters globally which allows us to identify candidates from beyond our own resources for your recruiting needs if necessary. As a client this provides you with a main contact in place and enables you to work with only one recruiting firm contact versus having to coordinate the efforts of many with duplicate referrals. This service alone eliminates hundreds of unwanted emails & phone calls and saves you time and money.

Our Code of Practice


ur mission is to help people find each other, both hiring managers and candidates. A successful match and hire is the fruit of our hard work paying attention to every detail of the process.


e are new here. Every day is a new beginning, a new set of challenges, a chance to reinvent ourselves.


e will be fair. Everyone will be treated equally here.


will constantly learn. Every experience we have will make us wiser and better at what we do.


will change and adapt and dwell only in the present and in the future. We are nourished by thinking about what can be done.


e will listen; we will invent; we will simplify. Our clients can make us better if we let them. But we must first understand them.


e will never stop asking why or why not. Nothing can be sacred here except for our mission.


e will create wealth for ourselves, too, but we will do this by creating value. Profit is proof that we are fulfilling our mission.


e will tell the truth. We can only succeed with integrity and the trust of our clients and candidates.


e will be here for every client and candidate who matches our commitment. We are looking for build trusted long-term relationships. We are seeking partnerships with everyone involved.


e aren’t conquerors—we are pioneers. We are not here to destroy—we are here to create. We have competitors, not enemies. We are here to offer everyone a better choice.


e will never be finished. We are creating something that will continue long after we are all gone.

Paragon Group International offers service options ranging from Exclusive Retained Search to Acquisition & Divestiture Services. When evaluating the various options, it’s not a question of which approach is better. Rather, it is a question of which approach will best serve your needs. In many cases our clients have opted to utilize different search options simultaneously. The determining factor should be the level of priority the assignment justifies.

Exclusive Retained Search

The retained search option is appropriate at all staffing levels. Key factors would be client priority, need and timing. The values our clients derive from our retained search service are: Committed resources – retained assignments receive our highest priority. Retained assignments are handled exclusively by our senior staff. Our staff members are limited to one retained assignment at a time; we do this to insure that a client receives our undivided attention. Clients benefit from a customized process designed with flexibility to meet their special needs. This provides the client with greater control over the process. We orchestrate an effective process insuring the search, recruitment, and selection phases are not compromised by factors extraneous to the client’s objectives. All candidates are recruited exclusively for the client until the assignment is concluded or until released by the client.

Contingency Search

Contingency search is best suited for situations of lower priority where client timing is not critical. Contingency search is designed to provide quality, fundamental search services complemented with basic candidate review. Contingency Search offers: No up front financial commitment is required, services are provided on a “time/resource available” basis. Specialized services are provided upon request on a cost plus basis. The client assumes more of a “hands-on” approach and greater “in-house” client resources are utilized. Exclusivity of presented candidates cannot be guaranteed. The client maintains more responsibility for candidate assessment and selection.

Project & Program Recruitment Services

Specifically designed for clients dealing with growth that requires rapid deployment of multiple candidates with the same basic skill profile. Our Project & Program Recruitment Services will meet your needs and timelines, whether you plan to supplement your team by five, fifty, or even five hundred people; we can handle your project. Upon retaining our services, we will assign a team to your project that will simultaneously attract, recruit, and interview multiple candidates. This will ensure that you will meet crucial deadlines for startups, product launches, or responding to unforeseen turnover.

Consulting Services

Paragon Group is more than a recruitment service provider. The strength of our firm lies in meeting client needs. Our years of experience have taught us that different situations require custom solutions. With this in mind, we can assist you in developing specialized programs designed around such diverse areas as key employee retention and turnover reduction, compensation and benefit surveys, as well as board member recruitment.

Acquisition & Divestiture Services

 Utilizing our substantial industry knowledge and contacts, we assist clients that desire to acquire or divest of assets. If you are seeking potential acquisition targets or desire to divest of specific assets, we can identify appropriate organizations, obtain information, and confidentially make the introductions when appropriate.

Human Resource Due Diligence:

 After an acquisition has been identified, we can coordinate the evaluation of the “human assets”, identifying the key contributors and establishing their level of commitment to stay with the new organization. Through our affiliation with globally recognized human resource consulting firms, we can assist with organizational integration, change processes, management team reorganization, leadership development programs, personal and team performance assessment and enhancement programs, etc.

Program Outsourcing

Outsourcing can reduce the cost of internally managed programs that can be more efficiently handled by an external service provider such as new graduate, entry level recruiting, sales staffing, out placement programs, and internal recruitment.

Selected Completed Assignments

  • Technical Manager Wind Turbine (Western US)
  • Wind Power Developer (Midwest)
  • Wind Resource Analyst (Southern US)
  • Manager of Wind Power Development (Rocky Mountains)
  • EHS Manager- Wind (Rocky Mountains)
  • Manager Wind Power Origination (Canada)
  • Senior Wind Power Development (Eastern US)
  • Vice President of Transmission & Engineering (Midwest)
  • Utility Relations Manager (Midwest)
  • Manager, Permitting and Environmental Affairs (Midwest)
  • Senior Advisor, Renewable Energy (South Africa)
  • Senior Vice President Gas Marketing (Eastern US)
  • Vice President Sales & Marketing (Southern US)
  • Director Product Development (Southern US)
  • National Accounts Manager (Western US)
  • Senior Power Marketer (Eastern US)
  • Vice President Power Sales Origination (Midwest)
  • Manager Power Origination (Eastern US)
  • Sales Executive (Southern US)
  • Manager Power Marketing (Midwest)
  • Chief Financial Officer (Southern US)
  • Controller (Southern US)
  • Manager Accounting Crude Oil (Eastern US)
  • Senior Account Managers (Southern US)
  • Structuring Analyst (Midwest)
  • Senior Structuring Analyst (Southern US)
  • Manager Structuring (Southern US)
  • Director Operations (Southeast)
  • Energy Contract Administrator (Western US)
  • Manager Gas Settlements (Western US)
  • Financial Controller (Southern US)
  • Senior Accountant (Southern US)
  • Law Firm Partner (Western US)
  • FERC In-House Counsel (Western US)
  • Director of Legal Services (Eastern US)
  • General Counsel (Midwest)
  • Gas Settlement Analyst (Western US)
  • Director of Regulatory Affairs (Western US)
  • Of Counsel (Northeast US)
  • Regulatory Attorney (Southeastern US)
  • Senior Geologist (Midwest)
  • Sr. Business Valuation Analyst (Eastern US)>
  • Senior Business Valuation Analyst (Rocky Mountains)
  • Power Engineer (Eastern US)
  • Controls Engineer (Midwest)
  • Software Engineer (Western US)
  • Business System Engineer (Eastern US)
  • Energy Consultant (Eastern US)
  • Manager Gas Control (Southeast)
  • Director, Power Management (Northwestern US)
  • Director Transmission (Midwest)
  • Senior Mechanical Engineer (Southern US)
  • Supervisor Transmission Line Maintenance (Southern US)
  • Senior Regulatory Compliance Engineer (Southern US)
Risk Management
  • Vice President Risk Management (Eastern US)
  • Vice President Credit Risk (Southern US)
  • Vice President Risk Management (Midwest)
  • Senior Director of Credit & Market Risk Management (Western US)
  • Risk Control Supervisor (Retail) (Eastern US)
  • Manager Credit Risk (Southern US)
  • Manager Market Risk (Western US)
  • Enterprise Risk Analyst (Eastern US)
  • Risk Control Analyst (Southern US)
  • Risk Management Analyst (Eastern US)
  • Senior Compliance Officer (Southern US)
  • Trading Control Analyst (Midwest)
  • Director Corporate Market Risk (Midwest)
  • Director Quantitative Analysis (Midwest)
  • Director Quantitative Research (Southern US)
  • Director IT Risk Systems (Midwest)
  • Director Quantitative Analysis (Eastern US)
  • Lead Risk Management Analyst (Southern US)
  • Risk Control Analyst (Midwest)
  • Quantitative Analyst (Midwest)>
  • Senior Risk Management Analyst (Southern US)
  • Risk Research Analyst (Midwest)
  • Senior Quantitative Analyst (Eastern US)
  • Quantitative Strategist (Eastern US)
  • Senior Quantitative Analyst (Midwest)
  • Senior Quantitative Analyst (Eastern US)
  • Manager Quantitative Research (Southern US)
  • Manager Quantitative Research (Midwest)
  • Manager Fundamental Analysis (Southern US)
  • Manager Quantitative Research (Midwest)
  • Manager of Gas Structuring (Southern US)
  • Natural Gas Analyst (Southeast)
  • Manager, Structuring Analysis (Eastern US)
  • Senior Vice President of Trading (Eastern US)
  • Global Head of Crude Trading (Eastern US)
  • Vice President Power Trading (Eastern US)
  • Managing Director Energy Trading (Southern US)
  • Director Meteorology
  • Chief Meteorologist (Southern US)
  • Lead Meteorologist (Southern US)
  • Real Time Power Trader (Midwest)
  • Real Time Power Trader (Western US)
  • Senior Power Trader (Western US)
  • Senior Real-Time Trader (Eastern US)
  • Senior Power Trader (Western US)
  • Senior Power Trader (Western US)
  • Senior Real Time Power Trader (Western US)
  • Natural Gas Trader (Southern US)
  • Senior Gas Trader (Western US)
  • Gas Option Trader (Southern US)
  • Power Trader (Rocky Mountains)
  • Senior Gas Scheduler (Southeast)