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Key Interview Questions

5 Key (“out-of-the-box”) Interview Questions to Narrow Down Your Best Candidates

Key Interview Questions to Narrow Down Your Best CandidatesOnce you have your best candidates for a role at your company, there are 5 key “out-of-the-box” interview questions that can help you narrow down that list in order to find someone who will be the perfect fit for the position and your company. These questions go beyond initial questions related to their skill set and experience and tap into something that will help you determine the candidate based on factors such as culture and work style.

What motivates you to come into work every day?

This question is posed by Craig Cincotta who explains in Entrepreneur, “Great hires know that learning never ends and they maintain a high degree of intellectual curiosity throughout their day-to-day work. You will find that these hires stay on top of what is happening around them, the business and the industry.”

What is one thing you can tell me about yourself that your resume can’t?

Learn about their hobbies and how their day-to-day life and interests might make them a better fit for your company. This question might help you discover something crucial to help you make the right selection.

Who is your favorite superhero and why?

Ask one out-of-the-box question without warning. It can be anything from what would they do if they won the lottery to their favorite superhero. The answer will give you a great insight into your candidate as well as require them to think on their toes.

What is Your Ideal Work Environment?

It is important to determine if a candidate will adapt well to your work environment whether it’s a startup with little company structure or a corporate atmosphere. It is essential to find someone who will thrive in your particular work setting.

If you bought this company tomorrow, what is the first thing you would do with it?

This question will give you insights into the candidate’s thoughts on the company as a whole and if those ideas blend well with your own. It will allow you to see their vision and future for the company they want to be a part of and how they will contribute to it’s success (and even what success means to them).

You can move beyond these questions and ask anything that you feel might give further insight into a prospective candidate beyond just their experience. Feel free to ask them who their favorite musician is or how they got into a particular hobby. If you are looking for a long term hiring that doesn’t just meet the resume criteria, you need someone who will fit into your company culture and vision. Don’t be afraid to ask questions that might seem unordinary; when you on-board the perfect team member, you’ll thank yourself for asking them!

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