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Maintaining Momentum During Your Job Search

Maintaining Momentum During Your Job Search

It is important to maintain momentum and your stamina when seeking a new job. Staying focused during the ups and downs of a job search is essential to securing the perfect position. Finding out you were the runner up after a great interview or having a lull in available positions you are interested in are all part of the frustrations that can come about while looking for the ideal role. Here are some strategies to maintain your drive and motivation during your search.


The Power of Three: Establish a Routine and Structure

What are the three things you can do today that will move you closer to your dream job role? Who are three people you can contact today that could be important assets to your job search?Approach finding a new job like any goal with a set plan and how you will implement it. Write out daily and weekly lists, assess what is and isn’t working to strategically analyzing your successes (and failures) and create a spreadsheet with potential leads. Finding work is work and you will need to have an organized and deliberate approach to have your goal realized. Oftentimes, however, lists can become overwhelming with the sheer amount of possibilities so writing out 3 actionable items that you will accomplish today (and making yourself choose those items) can be more effective than a page long list. Feel free to keep a running overview list but break it down each day into manageable and effective daily steps.


Keep a Positive Attitude

Perception is important during a job search and staying confident and thinking positively allows you to maintain ambition. You may have lost out on one potential position but instead of focusing on that loss, realize that your efforts have not been wasted. Instead, realize that your resume is still working it’s way through people’s inboxes and you are on their radar. Even errors like sending a cover letter with a spelling mistake can be invaluable lessons learned moving forward.


Remove Distractions

When you are working on your job seeking strategies, treat it as you would your employed work and remove all distractions. Close your office door or any unnecessary computer tabs so you can solely focus on your game plan. Distractions prevent you from putting forth your very best and focused efforts which is crucial for securing the very best roles.


Continue to Network

Continuously get yourself out there! Join professional organizations, attend conferences or grab a cup of coffee with someone in your industry. This contact and maintaining these relationships can turn into a referral or introduction that could lead to your new position. Beyond the practical potential connection this outreach can provide you, merely interacting with various professionals in your industry can energize and invigorate your job search (and you).

Partnering with a professional recruiter who specializes in your industry can also help guide you though the job seeking process. This can take some of the job search pressure off with a partner to help navigate finding an ideal role for you. Regularly stay in touch via phone, email and your recruiter’s website to stay updated on current opportunities, trends and industry market knowledge. A recruiting firm can be an invaluable asset during this sometimes stressful time and can help swing the job search momentum in your favor.

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