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FTR Analyst

Job ID: 1024


The FTR Analyst will perform transmission system studies and market simulations using power flow programs and market modeling platforms. The Analyst will identify transmission system capabilities and limitations, and determine risks and opportunities in the Eastern interconnect FTR markets. The Analyst will be expected to develop trade ideas and execute trades independently and in conjunction with the trading team. The Analyst will have a daily responsibility to create and validate trading algorithms and bid files for Day Ahead markets. The Analyst will also be responsible for analyzing daily Power flow models and completing risk management analysis.

Specific Duties and Accountabilities include but are not limited to:

  • Perform quantitative FTR analysis for regional market auctions in order to build and optimize the FTR portfolio of productive source/sink paths, including the development of FTR path valuations and bid strategies.
  • Explain congestion-related events on transmission grid and forecast transmission congestion in advance, including price impacts both day ahead and real-time, to impact trading decisions.
  • Assess positions and make recommendations on risk assessment for Financial Transmission Rights (FTR) and Transmission Congestion Contracts (TCC) to ensure compliance with risk management policies.
  • Must exhibit the ability and willingness to use balanced judgment and efficiently evaluate all aspects of a situation to execute trades that support business objectives.
  • Perform analysis and provide advice on the impact of transmission developments and any relevant outages.
  • Produce regular short-term to mid-term nodal-level LMP market reports and forecasts.
  • Estimate proprietary forward curve and basis models for a broad range of energy commodities. Calibrate, maintain and expand existing models.
  • Management of daily, weekly, monthly and annual Fundamentals data.
  • Prepare reports, summarizing information, interpretation of data.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Math, Engineering, Finance, Economics, Financial Engineering, Physics, Statistics or Operations Research.
  • A Master’s degree or related experience in a technical field is preferred but not required (Finance/Computational Finance, Mathematics, Engineering, Power Systems Engineering, Statistics, or Physics).

Required Experience:

Two to three years of experience working in the power industry with specific experience and direct involvement with:

  • FTR contracts.
  • Financial Power Basis markets
  • Options and congestion hedging.
  • In-depth transmission analysis and/or LMP market modeling and forecasting.
  • Analyzing datasets, power flow systems and/or production cost modeling programs.
  • Electricity markets with the understanding of power transmission networks.
  • Bulk power marketing, trading, scheduling or risk management required.
  • Ability to make quick analytical judgments and balance risk vs. reward

Additional Qualifications:

  • In depth understanding of electric power system operations and power portfolio management (including demand, generation and congestion management tools).
  • Possess knowledge of all Power markets to include methodologies and financial analytics.
  • In-depth understanding of the key concepts of derivatives pricing and risk measurement preferred.
  • Proficient with Excel, Access and SQL, VBA, Java, Electric Power Flow Analysis.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in the IT aspects of nodal level LMP market modeling and analytics; skilled with applications such as Excel, SQL, Matlab, Visual Basic, C#, and other similar programming languages.
  • Strong background in statistical data modeling, numerical methods, Monte Carlo simulation, and optimization techniques.
  • Ability to work independently and in diverse teams, intellectual curiosity, and flexibility.