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Smart Materials for Solar Roof

Today, solar energy is synonymous with solar electric panels.  But outside this box, there is a simpler, more efficient, and much cheaper solar technology.  Designing the molecules and electrons in a roof to capture and control solar heat can supply one-sixth of the world’s energy.  Field tests by the European Union show that this smart roof reduces heating costs by 85% — even in the cold, cloudy climates where most heating energy is consumed, and where 50% is the best performance of other solar architecture.

This solar heating roof:

Costs the same as traditional roofs — so its heat is free.

Has zero impact on building design — making solar heating marketable at last.

Is much easier to implement than all other energy technologies — which are        not free.


Low-Emissivity is an invisible silver coating only 100 atoms thick.  The vibration of its electrons are tuned to transmit light but reflect heat, making windows that insulate like walls and roofs that heat buildings with the scant light from cloudy skies — even in freezing weather!

Because Low-E costs only $0.04 per square foot, enough Low-E windows have been made to cover Rhode Island.  Low-E windows have saved 3.7% of world energy, $8 trillion in heating costs, and, by reducing coal and oil pollution, have added hundreds of millions of years to peoples’ lives.   Low-E was developed and brought to market with only $6 million, for a cost/benefit ratio of 1.3 million to one — making Suntek the most effective clean energy organization.  Read More

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  1. Of course. Our house is on ecietrlc, powered by a 5kw solar system. The AC, dryer, refrigerator, water heater is all ecietrlc. Our heat is from a wood stove, but we could put in a whole house ecietrlc heating unit if we wanted. No problem. I don’t know much about wind energy, but I know a house can be powered solely by solar power. Putting in wind power would be another expense.You would have to pay up front, when the house is bring built, but the monthly costs would be next to nothing (depending on whether you’re hooked up to your ecietrlc company’s grid versus on rechargeable batteries out ecietrlc company changes us about $6/month for the privilege to be hooked up to their system).

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