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The Top Power and Energy Trends in 2016

We wanted to know what you thought would be the top power and energy trends in 2016 as part of our ongoing weekly #PowerEnergyChat. We reached out to top industry experts and asked them to share their predictions which we have featured below. If you would like to be featured, join in on this conversation by tweeting @ParagonSearch with #PowerEnergyChat.

Sunverge Energy’s CEO predicts that “environmental and economic concerns will combine to accelerate the retirement of coal-fired generation and increase the important of renewables”. He also predicts that “the demand for flexibility from consumers and utilities alike will continue to increase” in his article of trends to watch in 2016.

The rise of solar seems to be a common trend that most authorities are predicting will continue to rise. energybiz believes that 2016 will be the year that “energy storage starts getting deployed widely; microgrids and community solar continue moving forward, albeit slowly and due mostly to government support”.

It is undeniable that 2016 will see changes in focus and these trends will reshape the power and Why is Clean Energy So Important? #PowerEnergyChatenergy industry. We hope you will continue this conversation surrounding all topics related to power and energy on Twitter with #PowerEnergyChat. Lend your thoughts on this month’s question, “Why is Clean Energy So Important“?

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