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Why You Should Partner with a Power Headhunter

Why You Should Partner with a Power or Energy Headhunter

Finding the right candidate for an open position is already difficult but when that role is in a specialized niche, the search becomes even harder. Since it is so important to find someone that can meet the extensive job requirements of an executive position or key employee role in the energy or power industry, aligning yourself with a power or energy headhunter becomes an indispensable asset.

Power and energy practice areas can range from market risk analytics or business analysis to plant management and risk control. Partnering with a power or energy headhunter who specializes in these specific niches provides your search with focus and the guarantee of a quality candidate. Instead of spending time shuffling through mediocre, unqualified resumes, an energy headhunter can pull from a pool of experienced and talented professionals that will seamlessly take to your opening. Furthermore, a knowledgeable energy headhunter who understands all sectors of the energy industry has access to untapped talent in the energy and power business from their years of experience, allowing clients to see candidates they normally wouldn’t find on their own.

A premier power and energy headhunter will have completed hundreds of search projects, built key relationships and always has a large database of candidates and clients. This allows for top notch experience and “cultural fits” on both the part of the client and the candidate. It allows for an expert matching of skills and experience from their uncanny evaluation and screening abilities. Additionally, they know that every search is different and has a unique set of circumstances so an accomplished power and energy headhunter knows how to identify both a client’s needs and challenges in order to guide an efficient search process that will produce long lasting quality talent.

Interested in partnering with a qualified power or energy headhunter for your open position in the power or energy industry? Learn why Paragon Group International’s lengthy track record and hundreds of completed search projects makes them a premier recruiting firm in the power and energy industry here. For more job seeking and hiring strategies, sign-up for our newsletter here

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